Jillian Kaye Schoettle


I am Jillian Kaye Schoettle and this is a small sample of my artwork. Please view more of my work at I have done freelance work for LifeLoveMusic Clothing Co, TOMS shoes, and local musicians. I have a keen fondness for the Czech Republic and I enjoy watching hilarious television that I can quote later.
I enjoy drawing people because I constantly learn from them.
I enjoy learning. So I continually study art, look for artistic opportunities, and make mistakes.


Saint Louis


I am looking for freelance work.


illustration, portraiture, cartooning


Charcoal Drawing, Ink Drawing, Calligraphy, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Corel Painter, Ballpoint Pen, Paint, Improvisation, Knowing an Inordinate Amount of Showtunes.